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About Us

Dechen Collections is a Tibetan store run by Dechen and her family. Dechen was born on the way to Nepal from Tibet while her parents escaped from the brutal force of Communist China's occupation of Tibet. She was raised and lived in Nepal in Tibetan communities before migrating to the USA in 1998

In Nepal, Dechen owned and managed a Tibetan carpet shop for 18 years. Tibetan refugees, with the help of the Swiss government, made a history of the carpet industry in Nepal. Jawalakhel Tibetan Refugee Settlement was the bedrock of the industry.

Dechen and her family had the store in Jawalakhel. The store catered carpets to tourist from all over the world, but the majority of them were from Europe, USA, Canada, and Australia.

The humble beginning of Dechen Collections started in 1998 when the family made the move from Nepal to the USA. Dechen Collections carries Tibetan items made in Nepal along with other vintages around the world.

Most of the products Dechen Collections carries are hand picked from where the items are made by the local craftsmen. Therefore the quality and price are the best you can get.

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